COVID-19 and Vacant Properties

At this time we have several Financial Institutions inquiring about our Covid-19 Sanitizing services on properties. These are the ideal workplaces currently, as they are vacant with limited contact inside. (Although realtors, cleaning crews, inspectors, brokers are regularly entering these properties, possibly passing or being infected with the Coronovirus from inside the property). These are easier for us to navigate inside and get to hard to reach areas without moving alot of items around inside home. Because of this situation, we are offering a reduced price point for Banks, Hedgefunds, Investors, and Mortgage Service Providers in the Mortgage Industry ($175 for a 1 story property up to 3000 Sq Ft ADDITIONAL stories will be billed at an additional $75 per story for residential Single Family Properties)( Condo units will be adjusted based on number of units needing serviced). Just give us a call for any of your needs or just the piece of mind for the safety of your field agents as well as any others entering any of your properties you may own or manage.